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Personal Wealth Management

We have partnered with Anchor

As a business we are constantly trying to improve or enhance our offering to our clients. As such, we are now able to offer personal wealth management solutions through our partnership with Anchor Capital. 


Every client has unique aspirations and so we offer personalised advice that covers financial and investment planning that sits within our client’s professional tax advice framework. We are also able to offer outsourced corporate treasury solutions and exceptional rates on Forex.

Investment Approach

Our investment approach is built on ensuring that our clients understand their investments and the risks associated with every component of their portfolio when setting off on their wealth journey. We provide complete transparency and insight into the underlying investments that make up a client’s solution and ensure that their journey ends at the destination it was meant to.

We are not experts at everything and to provide expert financial advice, we have partnered with Anchor Capital, one of Southern Africa’s leading wealth managers.

If you would like more information on Anchor please visit their website at or contact one of the PKF FCS directors.  Whether you are considering an investment (no matter how big or small the amount) or simply want to look out for alternative investments or even compare returns and rates, feel free to contact us or Anchor directly.  As always, we strive to Add Value…. to our clients.