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Business owners use the professionals in our accounting services department primarily to comply with legislation, requirements from financial institutions and other formal imposts. Our Accounting Services Department prepares a variety of financial reports in different formats. In addition, this department verifies and substantiates financial data according to our clients’ needs. The most common form of financial reporting takes the form of Annual Financial Statements. We prepare these financial statements either in IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) format, IFRS for SME's or on the standard Namibian framework, NAC001. Financial reports can take the form of Consolidated Financial Statements, Interim Financial Statements or as Integrated Reports compliant with international best corporate governance practice.

For Close Corporations, PKF FCS is licensed to act as an accounting officer, which every Close Corporation needs to appoint in terms of the Close Corporations Act.

For Companies, PKF FCS will prepare the Annual Financial Statements (this is not a function of auditors) from underlying information, prepare the audit support schedules and then liaise with the auditors to finalize the audit function.

Special services include the preparation of viability and feasibility studies, cashflow forecasts, budgeting reports, costing exercises and the full spectrum of financial, cost or management accounting functionalities.