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Our History

FCS was founded by Frank Moormann, who started the business as a one-man show. FCS first opened its doors on Wednesday 1st June 1994 and offices consisted of about 30 square meters of office space at then Breite Street 2, in Swakopmund. Our first employee joined FCS in September 1994 and in 1995 FCS was housed in a Close Corporation. In May 1996 our staff at the Swakopmund office had increased to 4 people, so we relocated to larger premises at 49 Kaiser Wilhelm Street. In August 1997, our Windhoek office was opened. In September 1997, Harald Hecht joined and became the first partner of Frank, to take up shares in FCS in 1998.

Karl-Heinz Schulte joined FCS as a junior trainee in 1998, followed by Reiner Piepmeyer in 1999 and Pierre Knoetze in 2000. Reiner now heads the company as the Chief Executive Officer, and Karl-Heinz and Pierre are executive directors of PKF FCS. 

We built our first “own” building at 128 6th Street in Walvis Bay and inaugurated it on 1st September 2005. JP Kouwenhoven joined FCS in 2006 and was instrumental in creating FCS Auditors. Jeanine Willers (now du Toit) joined in that year as the first articled clerk at FCS Auditors. Jeanine likewise remained on and is now the managing audit partner in PKF-FCS Auditors.

The Swakopmund offices in Heuschneider Street were built during 2012, whilst major extensions were undertaken to our Walvis Bay and Windhoek offices during 2015 and 2016.

During 2016, FCS merged with PKF Namibia and joined the international PKF family as full member. In the process, Uwe Wolff and Suzie Chamberlain became members and directors in FCS, with Suzie retiring in 2018. FCS was converted to a company in 2016, due to the ever-increasing number of stakeholders. In 2021 we adopted the name PKF Financial Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (PKF FCS).

Our approach is simple – pragmatic, hands-on assistance for all our clients that have come to expect the delivery of a top-class service; coupled with the highest standard of integrity, quality and transparency.