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Market Sectors

Our clients hail from all walks of life and are active in the following market sectors:

  • Agriculture and Farming – from Olive Plantations to Cattle breeding;
  • Construction – from residential homes to specialized marine engineering;
  • Estates and Administration – from deceased’s estates to curatorship’s;
  • Fishing Industry – from trawling operations and fishing factories to fish dealers;
  • Health Services and Practitioners – from medical doctors and pharmacies to chiropractors;
  • Legal Practitioners – from attorneys to advocates;
  • Manufacturing – from polystyrene products, garment manufacture and packaging materials to manufacturers of floor tiles;
  • Mining (non diamond) – from marble and granite to semi-precious gems;
  • NGO’s – of any description, ecclesiastical organizations and local schools;
  • Retail and service industry – the full spectrum;
  • Tourism and leisure – from hotels and lodges / guest houses to tour operators and the entertainment industry;
  • Wholesale – businesses of any description;