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Consulting and Fiduciary Services

PKF FCS has built a solid reputation over the past almost 30 years to be trusted advisors to the business community in Namibia. We will help you in establishing individually tailored business structures, based on your personal goals and current market dynamics. Our professional business consultants are all well qualified to assist you in developing specific strategies, implementing internal control systems and to do your income tax planning.

We pride ourselves for being a multi-faceted professional firm, with all the necessary skills available to attend to virtually any task in the finance field. The only area where we do not provide advice or assistance is on the investment side; however through our extensive network of professional contacts we will be able to point you to investment consultants of repute – locally and internationally.

From mergers, acquisitions and take-over’s to business valuations, estate planning, special investigations, scenario planning, systems and internal control reviews, project finance, business plans and viability studies – we have the right people to make things happen.

Our fiduciary services are likewise very broad. Included are acceptance of trusteeship of a trust, appointment as executor of an estate, administrators of estates of persons under legal disability and virtually any other office of trust. We do not accept a position of nominee shareholder nor do we normally consent to our appointment as directors of a company.