Services & Fees

Our Fees

At PKF FCS fees are based on time spent on a client’s affairs. We use the PAPAS (Professional Accountants Practice Administration System) software, one of the most modern and advanced systems available.

Each staff member is required to complete a daily time sheet, stating the time spent on each client’s tasks – this forms the basis of our charges.

The charges are calculated by multiplying the time spent with a specific hourly rate. The rates we apply vary from staff member to staff member, depending on the skill required to perform a certain task. If you believe that you have been charged excessively, you are welcome to lodge a complaint at our governing body:

Please note that we subscribe to quality work principles; and therefore do not compete on price but rather on service delivery. As far as our fees are concerned, PKF FCS is positioned slightly above the mid-segment of the industry.

On completion of an assignment, we will invoice the client and fees are payable on presentation of the invoice. In the case of assignments that stretch over extended periods of time or where the client is not forthcoming with information requested, we may issue interim invoices.

Should a client question a specific charge, we will issue the client with a detailed breakdown of the time-record and amount in question.

For certain standard matters, the below rates will apply, which exclude fees for additional consultation time or other matters; the attached fees thus resemble the minimum charge only.