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Business owners, especially in the SME segment, are often bogged down with the running of their business, most are not particularly interested in attending to the bookkeeping functionalities and other administrative matters. They prefer to rather spend their time and energy on growing turnover, making deals and to promote their business, than attend to the boring admin side of things. Accordingly, they make use of our bookkeeping department to get it all done.

Our bookkeeping department assists clients with all their periodic financial administration, either at the client’s premises or in our offices. Based on the source documents provided, we attend to the processing of bookkeeping data of your business. From there, we prepare the necessary returns on the basis as agreed in our engagement letter. Traditionally, we would attend to the completion and submission of your Value-Added Tax and Import VAT returns, as well as any other returns that may be required.

In addition, this department also offers the preparation of client payroll. Not only do we prepare your salary / wage payments and pay-slips, but also attend to the completion and submission of your PAYE returns, the annual PAYE reconciliation, issuing of annual PAYE Certificates, Social Security returns and your annual Employee Compensation Fund return. We also assist with the Vocational Education and Training Levy, including the claiming of benefits to which you may be entitled.

Secondment of staff can be arranged for existing clients, who may have a temporary shortage of manpower in their processing departments, say due to maternity leave or any other reason.

The processing department can provide clients with monthly management accounts, which include a tax forecast for the remainder of the year. Income Taxes will thus not come as a surprise, but you will have a good indication every month where you stand.