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Employment at PKF FCS

PKF FCS boasts a stable track record with very low staff turnover and a high retention rate, which is a rare feat considering that accounting staff is considered to be a scarce resource in Namibia.

How do we do it?


Instead of insisting on a hierarchical system, we all work together as a team. All senior staff subscribe to an open-door policy and staff have a number of options to vent their grievances, either by speaking to a senior, bringing it up at one of the regular staff meetings or lodging an anonymous complaint via our Employment Equity Committee.

Fair labour practice

At PKF FCS all staff are treated equally and we subscribe to fair labour practice. We have a number of staff policies that guide us in this process. These policies are only implemented once all staff have had the opportunity to comment. Our policies are not designed to police the workplace, but rather to establish a fair set of rules that is applicable to everybody. We also have an Employment Equity Committee which has been elected by staff across the various branches. The mandate of this committee is to ensure that staff is treated equally and that all disputes (if any) are resolved in a fair manner.

Fair procedures

We are not only fair towards our staff, but also towards our clients. Staff must complete an electronic timesheet every day and specify the work performed for which client. Of the normal 8 hours at work, not more than 7 hours are booked against clients – this caters for the occasional chat with colleagues, coffee or comfort breaks and those occasional phone calls or emails. It would be unfair to charge this time to clients, at the same time staff has no need to feel guilty when taking a break. Fairness is part of what we are all about.

Work Environment

We try to keep our working environment free of office politics, backstabbing and deceitful conduct – staff are encouraged to speak freely without fear of victimisation. Two non-negotiable principles are used to guide us, namely the maintenance of a good working atmosphere and confidentiality at all times – everything else is negotiable.

We allow our team to dress in smart casual clothing as we believe that formal clothing and suits tend to stifle staff productivity. On Fridays we have a casual day where staff are allowed to wear jeans – albeit still looking smart.

Remuneration and benefits

We believe in properly rewarding the efforts of our staff with a package of not only cash remuneration, but with a host of other benefits as well. Remuneration is based on the in-house grading system we developed, based on the practical performance and academic knowledge of the staff member.

The grading system is linked to a grade-specific job description, which not only contains the requirements for the current grade, but also indicates the requirements for the next higher job grade – every staff member can self-evaluate whether he is eligible for promotion or not. In addition, grade-specific performance appraisals are held twice a year, where the staff member discusses his personal development with his direct supervisor. Staff also rate their supervisors either directly or anonymously.

Training at PKF FCS

PKF FCS is an approved and registered training centre with the Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants (NIPA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) for PKF-FCS Auditors.

Candidates who qualify to join our Educational Support Program, are provided with different streams to be used for furthering their studies. Most people prefer to enrol for a UNISA B.Compt degree and study after hours whilst also being registered for a practical training period with the relevant Institute; leading to the staff member becoming eligible for practicing membership with the Institute at the end of his traineeship.

PKF FCS generally supports a host of other educational courses and diplomas; provided such education is related to the work performed by the employee. PKF FCS also offers a variety of In-House training modules, that staff are encouraged to attend.